Baby Seats by Hugaboo

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Let's face it, if we could grow an extra set of arms or babywear ALL the time we would...for the other times, when we need a cozy, safe place to set baby down while still maintaining close interaction, there are Hugaboo Baby Seats!


  • Provides baby with the needed 360* support while they are learning to sit up independently.
  • Provides baby with a sense of freedom to safely and comfortably observe their environment.
  • Helps with baby's sensory, motor, and social development.
  • Unique back and leg support which discourages tipping forward or sliding out of the seat.
  • Can be used as soon as baby shows head control.
  • Typically used for babies approximately 3 months to 8+ months of age.
  • Made with easy-to-clean (machine washable!) 100% polyester fabric cover.
  • Safety Tested!  (CPSIA, ASTM F963‐11 and European Regulation 1907/2006)

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