The Dairy Fairy


The Fairy and her Princess

In true fairy tale fashion, Emily’s story begins a long time ago in a far away land. Born and raised in Israel until at the age of 10, Emily’s family relocated to sunny California. Always ambitious and impetuous, Emily pursued her many creative passions including dance, sewing and other artistic endeavors. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, she pursued a career that kept her in a creative environment and spent 15 plus years in advertising and marketing, working on some of the most visible global brands at some of the most renowned advertising agencies in the world. Craving a more hands-on creative outlet, and answering the calling of her entrepreneurial spirit, Emily took the big leap and started her first company, Alexis Hudson Handbags. The company was a success, but something was missing.

Emily yearned to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a mother. So, since Prince Charming was taking his sweet time to arrive on the white horse, she sought out a donor, and with IVF and several years of waiting and wishing, her fairy tale wishes came true in the form of one perfect little girl named Arden Rose Ironi (named in honor of Emily’s father Ari). Realizing the need for beautiful and efficient feeding solutions, Emily decided to give birth to yet another “baby” – The Dairy Fairy. Officially launched in February 2013, this magical line of pumping and nursing accessories enables women to easily and beautifully provide breast milk to their princes and princesses. Happy ending.